AI tools for artists.
Made by artists.


AI tools for artists. Made by artists.


Building the consent layer for AI 

We believe that a future of consenting data will benefit both AI development and the people it is trained on.

Have I Been Trained? and our API have helped artists opt-out over 1.4B images from public training datasets. Holly+ is the first project to experiment with consensual interactions around an artist AI model.

We have a lot more in the works.


Your content, your rules.
Spawning’s ai.txt generator creates an ai.txt file that selectively restricts or permits the use of your site’s content for commercial AI training.

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Clean Data, Peace of Mind
With Spawning’s API, rest assured that your datasets respect data privacy and consent, safeguarding your company's reputation by tracking emerging liabilities and regulations.

Our API automates the process of identifying and flagging non-consenting data, keeping your datasets compliant and your company protected.

We’re making the consent layer for AI.

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AI web scraping defense network
Kudurru can identify precisely who is web scraping for AI models and shut down their access to your data.

Kudurru works as a network of web domains that listen for and analyze web traffic. When scraping is identified on any domain in the network, Kudurru triangulates the scraper’s IP and blocks their access to every other domain running the Kudurru software. When you run Kudurru on your site, you join the network and make it stronger. A robust network identifies more scrapers faster, providing additional protection to everyone in the collective.

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We are a group of artists, scientists and engineers with notable backgrounds in machine learning and art. We have experimented with consenting model training in art projects for many years and formed Spawning to steer the rapid commercial development in large language, image and music models towards consent.

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