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Spawning is building tools for artist ownership of their training data, allowing them to opt into or opt out of the training of large AI models, set permissions on how their style and likeness is used, and offer their own models to the public.

We believe that each artist ought to have the tools to make their own decisions about how their data is used.

Some may choose to take the permissive IP approach to AI models we pioneered with Holly+, where Holly offered her voice model for others to use in return for a share of profits in officially approved derivative works. Others may choose other approaches. However we need to establish a standard of consent honored by research organizations to get there. 

Inquiries: info@spawning.ai


What does Spawning mean?

Spawning is a term we created to describe the act of creating entirely new art with an AI trained on older art. We felt it was needed to distinguish that this process is different from older techniques like sampling or collage. 

What do you mean by opting in or out of AI models?

AI imaging systems like OpenAI’s DALL·E or Stable Diffusion are trained on billions of images. These systems allow for anyone to generate artwork in the style of artists and individuals who are well represented in their training set. If you would like to see if your art or likeness is currently in popular AI training datasets, you can use our tool haveibeentrained?, and register to use our opt in and opt out tools in beta.

We believe that both the AI research community and the artist community will benefit from this training to be consensual. 

What kind of artists can participate?

All kinds of artists. Whether you are a visual artist, musician, designer or filmmaker we feel our tools can be beneficial for you. 

Do you believe in a future of copyright warnings and DMCA takedowns?

No. Copyright is an outdated system that is a bad fit for the AI era.

A new era offers us the opportunity to reconfigure how we treat IP! We believe that the best path forward is to offer individual artists tools to manage their style and likenesses, and determine their own comfort level with a changing technological landscape.

We are not focussed on chasing down individuals for experimenting with the work of others. Our concern is less with artists having fun, rather with industrial scale usage of artist training data.

On a smaller level, we do see a lot of potential in offering official channels to experiment with artist training data and establish provenance and remuneration channels, similar to what we pioneered with Holly+

How does an artist get approved to use Spawning tools?

Once you have applied for beta access, a human will curate and verify access for artists on a case by case basis. We need to ensure that data is labelled accurately so that the right humans get paid and that prompts return what the prompter desires.  

Do you distinguish between artists using traditional tools and promptists using AI tools?

Yes, although we have a tool in the works for promptists too. We feel that verifying and labelling good artist data expands the palette for promptists. As a result of our efforts there will be more to prompt and experiment with. We respect promptists as artists in their own right. 

More questions?

Feel free to hit up Spawning collaborators matdryhurst, hollyherndon, jordancmeyer or ExquisiteCorps5 on Twitter.
If good questions are raised we will add them to the Q&A on this site.